Undead in Las Vegas: Zombie Activities and Attractions

February 8, 2018

Zombie Activities and AttractionsWhen you think of Las Vegas, you think of glitz and glamour – you think of somewhere high rollers and celebrities flock to for a weekend of indulgence and excitement. You don’t normally think of flesh-eating zombies. But the ties between the living dead and living it large actually run fairly deep. There’s a whole host of zombie themed activities in Las Vegas, and the ties between the city of lights and zombies continue into popular culture. Let’s explore!

Adventure Combat Ops

There are a fair few zombie themed activities in Las Vegas, including the Adventure Combat Ops, which allows players to dress up as special ops and form the last line of defense against a marauding zombie army. The simulation recreates a post-apocalyptic city and advertises itself as a completely immersive experience. Players are transported into a world of the near future, where zombies have wiped out most of civilisation. The game also serves as a life lesson as to how the special ops might operate, with state of the art equipment used and information provided on tactical manoeuvres. Not only that, for those who are bitten by the zombies, shallow graves are promised off the beaten path in the desert – they’re kidding of course, but that only amps up the excitement.

The Zombie Vegas Connection

In fact, the tradition of zombies and Vegas isn’t a new one. The sandbox zombie game developed by Blue Castle Games, Dead Rising 2 is set in Las Vegas. Protagonist Chuck becomes stuck in a series of malls that make up the entertainment complex in the 2010 Xbox 360 game, and his trips to various casinos are an integral part of collecting anti-zombie medication and defeating villains. Moreover, the Betway Lost Vegas online slot carries on the tradition, with the slots themed around an outbreak taking place in Vegas. Even films have capitalised on the juxtaposition of the city of Las Vegas and the zombie outbreak, with the 2016 film It Stains the Sand Red, distributed by Dark Sky Films, focusing on a zombie apocalypse occurring in the desert around Vegas. The film received a 58% score on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

Fear the Walking Dead

The AMC sponsored Fear the Walking Dead Survival Attraction, which is part of the Vegas Experience also allows aspiring zombie slayers out into a post-apocalyptic zombie world. This time, as part of a multisensory experience, players are locked in an escape room as a 4D “thrill attraction”. The game then opens up to be both part of a maze, and part of an interactive video game experience. The attraction takes the immersive and scary aspects of the AMC show and combines them with a skills based multiplayer game and a live skills based game. The attraction takes the core theme of escaping zombies in the near future and uses both physical and digital means to create an atmospheric experience.

Escape or Die

Escape room game Escape or Die also continues the theme, with even signing up to the marketing and connecting on social media embracing the post-apocalyptic theme. Located just off the illustrious and renowned Las Vegas Strip, the game features three levels of scariness and difficulty: The Next Civilisation, Zombie Takeover, and Biohazard. Each adventure lasts one hour and tickets range between $35-$40, with regular sales promotions offering $10 off, allowing the zombie apocalypse to be avoided at a reduced rate.

Zombie Burlesque

For something slightly different, yet in keeping with the zombies in Vegas theme, Zombie Burlesque offers the immersive zombie experience but without the fear factor that the other events and activities promise. The comedy musical, from the brains of the people who created Vegas! The Show, crosses zombies with the circus, with traditional burlesque for an entertaining show. Vegas is known for its high energy performances and Zombie Burlesque allows zombie fans to indulge in the living dead without having to leave their seats.

Las Vegas is a city of many talents, from hosting world class performers with Vegas residencies, to attracting clientele from across the world to sample the lifestyle that the city has to offer. The zombie connection is just another layer in the multi-faceted city of Las Vegas. With so many ways to indulge your passion for zombies in Vegas, it really is the perfect weekend destination.


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