On This Date: June 18, 1996, Caesars Magical Empire Opened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

June 18, 2017

Caesars Magical Empire, a multimillion dollar dining and entertainment complex opened in Caesars Palace June 18 1996. Caesars Magical Empire was a three-hour “up close and personal” encounter with mysterious and delightful arts inside a high tech, elaborately themed, multi-chambered wonderland, designed for visitors age 12 and older. One price included lunch or dinner, entertainment in the two theaters, and the entire Magical Empire experience. It operated continuously from early luncheon through late dinner hours.

Caesars Magical Empire

Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas

For $125 to $200 per person, you got an experience of large stage illusions, a gourmet dinner, close-up magic, underground tunnels, an invisible pianist, and dancing fire. When you went to Caesars Magical Empire, it was a 3 hour event. So you definitely got your money’s worth.

The interior of the entire complex was decorated in a combination of pseudo cave-and-classic architecture, with faux rock-work and stone, passageways and real marble floors. It closed on November 30, 2002, after which the structure was razed to make room for a large concert hall created for singer Celine Dion.

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