Lee’s Sandwiches

July 13, 2011

Lee’s Sandwiches is known for serving traditional banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) as well as European style sandwiches on their fresh baguettes and croissants made fresh daily in their restaurant.  They also serve an abundant assortment of various types of drinks, smoothies, coffees and desserts.

The restaurant is modern, bright and clean.  There are a few inconveniences such as they only accept cash so you cannot use your debit card.  However, they do have an ATM available.  Also, their drinks have no refills and the largest size is about the size of small Carl’s Jr. cup and costs $2.29  And although the bread they use is made fresh it has a chewy crust that can give your jaw a workout.

If you want to try a banh mi sandwich try the #5 , it is the grilled pork and it is delicious. A mixture of marinated grill pork, fresh vegetables, including a little cilantro and some sliced jalapeno for a splash of heat. All this for a low price of $2.99.

Lee’s Sandwiches is located at:
3989 Spring Mountain Road (702) 331-9999
Near Valley View Drive
Open 24/7

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