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July 3, 2011
Welcome to Fabulous  Las Vegas Nevada Sign

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign -photo taken: 2011. photo by: LasVegas360.com

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down the world famous Las Vegas Strip? Now is your chance to take a virtual stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard, one of the most exciting streets in the world. Start at the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and continue down the entire length of the Strip with complete 360 degree panoramic views. Be sure to stop at some of the newest and best hotels in Las Vegas including Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Paris, Mandalay Bay and The Venetian.

Continue to the downtown area of Las Vegas, and don’t miss our 360 degree tour of Fremont Street. This street was where it all began, from a small railroad stop at the turn of the century to one of the brightest streets in the world. Fremont street was one of the best places to cruise in a convertible car for decades but now the street has been closed off to traffic and it is a pedestrian paradise lined with kiosks, souvenir shops and of course plenty of casinos.  Up above an arched steel canopy lights up the night sky with an animated, electronic show that spans the entire four blocks of Fremont Street. Further down Fremont Street is the newly developing non-gaming sector of “Fremont East District” lined with Bars, Coffee shops and places to eat, including newly opened Container Park.

Want to see Harrah’s, Caesar’s and all the famous casinos? Then take a virtual stroll down Boulevard South. It may get you tempted to come over and play for real, in which case you may want to first read up on the top games first, see this article on roulette games here or on slot machines here to get started.

Las Vegas Strip Virtual 360° Las Vegas Strip Tour: Part I (Welcome Sign – Bellagio)

Virtual 360° Las Vegas Strip Tour: Part II (Caesar’s – Treasure Island) 

Virtual 360° Las Vegas  Strip Tour: Part III (Fashion Show Mall – Stratosphere)

Downtown Virtual 360° Downtown Las Vegas Tour here

Mount Charleston / Lee Canyon Virtual 360° Lee Canyon Tour

Google Map of the Strip with VR Photos

Las Vegas History

If you want to see what there is to do away from the casinos and bright lights take a panoramic peek at recreational areas like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Mt. Charleston and the quaint little town of Boulder City, the only town in the state where gambling remains illegal. There truly is something for everyone in Las Vegas.

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On This Date: April 24, 1950 Desert Inn Hotel and Casino Opened

April 24, 2015
Desert Inn aka DI

The Desert Inn Hotel & Casino in 1999

Desert Inn Hotel by the pool

Early photo of the Desert Inn Hotel by the pool

The Desert Inn was a hotel/casino that operated from April 24, 1950, to August 28, 2000. It was the fifth resort to open on the Las Vegas Strip. The property included an 18-hole golf course. Locals nicknamed the resort “The D.I.” or just “D.I.”.

The Desert Inn’s most famous guest, businessman Howard Hughes, arrived on Thanksgiving Day in 1966, renting the hotel’s entire top two floors and then later bought the resort when asked to vacate.

The Desert Inn has appeared in many movies including: The 1960 film version of Ocean’s 11 and last use in the film Rush Hour 2.

Photo by: LasVegas360.com and UNLVspecial collections

The D.I. Was imploded on  November 16, 2004. to make way for the Wynn and Encore resorts.

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On This Date: April 23, 1956, Elvis Presley’s Historical first Appearance in Las Vegas.

April 23, 2015
Elvis Presley at the new frontier hotel in Las Vegas 1956

Elvis Presley at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas 1956

Elvis performs for the first time in  Las Vegas at at the New Frontier Hotel on April 23, 1956.

Elvis signed a contract on the 16th April 1956, the engagement was at the New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. This was Elvis first appearance in Las Vegas. His two weeks of show commenced on April 23, 1956. His hours of employment, seven days a week, fifteen shows per week for a total of 30 shows. Elvis was paid 7,500 dollars per week, $15,000 in total.

In addition to the compensation Elvis receive one complimentary small suite and one twin bedroom. He also receive extra added attraction billing in 100% size type in all advertising, publicity, programs, displays, and lights.

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Online Bingo

April 22, 2015
Club Bingo

Club Bingo on the Las Vegas Strip Late 1940’s

Bingo games are most widely played and popular games in the world of gambling. There are many types of bingo games and the much popular game is online Bingo. All the excitement and

Pleasure of online bingo can be enjoyed as it allows the game can be played from home in your comfort zone. Online bingo can be played in secure and safe environment in your local halls. As you proceed on to this game you will come to know how comfortable it is to play online bingo as you don’t have to go outside home to play at bingo halls. This game allows bingo players to come in contact with bingo players all over the world not just in the region where you live.

Right at your one click online bingo casinos are handily available and various types of offers are available at these online bingo casinos, OnlineBingoUSA.net is one of them.They also offer wide variety of promotions like free cash, bonuses, bingo cards etc thus online bingo provides the player hours of thrill and excitement.

Online bingo is available 24 hours and every day across the clock and it has something for everyone, players can access through the World Wide Web with user friendly features and representatives. A realistic hall experience can be gained at online bingo; it does not matter whether you are a novice or an experienced player. With best online software available on the bingo sites one can easily log on to their favorite sites.

The best feature of online bingo games is they can be easily played because they are user friendly. at online bingo casinos multiple chat rooms are available to the players to choose from .

There cannot be a better way for a bingo player to relax and calm down after a hectic and hassles of the day. Online bingo sites are user friendly and they offer a lot of content on bingo for players to gain and increase their bingo knowledge about the advancement in the games. One can go through bingo terms, bingo glossaries, bingo lingo, and bingo tactics on various bingo sites. Players can use this information while playing as this is very useful for new as well as experienced players. It is very important to play on secure and safe site as there is vast number of bingo sites available today. So enjoy the online bingo experience which will fill you with entertainment and thrill by being a part of bingo society.

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Video Poker Quick Guide

Video Poker Quick Guide

Video Poker Quick Guide

A popular casino game that is Video poker has much familiar features with slot machines. But actually video poker is the combination of slot machine game together with the rules of five card draw poker in a precise way. Although many experienced gamblers consider video poker a very much superior game than slot machines because of the potential payback of the machine and skilled play has an important role. Video poker is the game where the gamblers with perfect strategic play and tactics can affect the pay back percentage, while in slot machines only a certain percentage is pay back of the amount fed in the machine.

The casino game video poker was first introduced in 1970’s, but until 1980 it did not gain any extensive popularity in the casino world, but only after it when IGT a slot machine producer started manufacturing video poker games. Table games like blackjack, live poker etc was reason of anxiety and nervousness for many players and they found video poker casino game a lot more user friendly game. You can also check CasinosForMoney.com’s video poker guide that help you in getting some quick tips for video poker. Combination of strategic play together with the solitary features of slot machines is most likely the reason for it.

The rules of the video poker are very simple and it can be easily played. In the virtual world on a computer screen a player pays 1 or more coins to play five virtual cards on the screen. A player can make a smart move by playing on the max bet, generally 5 coins since the bet is max the payoffs may be bigger on the higher ranked hands. The cards hold by the player is first chosen by him and then he draws cards accordingly to replace.

Widely played video poker games are commonly deuces wild and jacks or better, Single hand or multi-hand version both option are available in both the games , where the player can play for different video poker hands like 3, 5, 10 ,50 and even 100 at the same time.

Indeed the payback percentage on the video poker can be very good the reason being, the payout system for different hands on a particular machine. Jacks or better with a perfect play pays back at 99 % with highest usual payback system.100% can be the payback with a full play in Deuces machine.

However players who do not play tacitly and strategically, the payback percentage can be reduced by 5-6 % or more, thus the most gainful games in the casinos.

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On This Date: April 21, 1958, United Airlines Flight 736 Mid-Air Collision near Las Vegas

April 21, 2015
United Airlines Flight 736 DC-7

United Airlines Flight 736 DC-7Mid-Air Collision near Las Vegas,  49 Fatalities on April 21, 1958

United Airlines Flight 736 was a daily U.S. transcontinental passenger flight operated by United Airlines that crashed on April 21, 1958, following a mid-air collision. The aircraft assigned to Flight 736, a Douglas DC-7 airliner carrying 47 persons, was flying at cruise altitude above  9 miles south of Las Vegas to a stopover at Denver, Colorado, when it was struck by a United States Air Force fighter jet crewed by two pilots. The collision occurred at 8:30 a.m. in clear weather within a major commercial airway; both aircraft fell out of control from 21,000 feet and crashed into the desert southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

There were no survivors from either aircraft, and with 49 fatalities it remains the deadliest crash in the history of the Las Vegas Valley. Among the victims were a group of military personnel and civilian contractors involved with sensitive Department of Defense weapons systems. The loss of the group triggered new rules prohibiting similar groups engaged in critical projects from flying aboard the same aircraft.

The official investigation stated that cockpit visibility limitations played a role in the accident, but also faulted military and civilian aviation authorities for not taking measures to reduce well-known collision risks that had existed for over a year within the confines of airways, despite numerous complaints from airline crews. The loss of United Airlines Flight 736—part of a series of 1950s mid-air collisions in American skies, including the well-publicized 1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision—helped usher in widespread improvements in air traffic control within the United States.

The Crash Site location is 35°59’59″N 115°12’20″W, near Southern Highlands Golf Club,near the corner of West Cactus Ave and South Decatur Blvd, currently there is a strip-mall and houses built on/near the impact site.

Source and Photo:

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