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July 3, 2011
Welcome to Fabulous  Las Vegas Nevada Sign

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign -photo taken: 2011. photo by: LasVegas360.com

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down the world famous Las Vegas Strip? Now is your chance to take a virtual stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard, one of the most exciting streets in the world. Start at the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and continue down the entire length of the Strip with complete 360 degree panoramic views. Be sure to stop at some of the newest and best hotels in Las Vegas including Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Paris, Mandalay Bay and The Venetian.

Continue to the downtown area of Las Vegas, and don’t miss our 360 degree tour of Fremont Street. This street was where it all began, from a small railroad stop at the turn of the century to one of the brightest streets in the world. Fremont street was one of the best places to cruise in a convertible car for decades but now the street has been closed off to traffic and it is a pedestrian paradise lined with kiosks, souvenir shops and of course plenty of casinos. Up above an arched steel canopy lights up the night sky with an animated, electronic show that spans the entire four blocks of Fremont Street. Further down Fremont Street is the newly developing non-gaming sector of “Fremont East District” lined with Bars, Coffee shops and places to eat, including newly opened Container Park.

Las Vegas Strip Virtual 360° Las Vegas Strip Tour: Part I (Welcome Sign – Bellagio)

Virtual 360° Las Vegas Strip Tour: Part II (Caesar’s – Treasure Island) 

Virtual 360° Las Vegas  Strip Tour: Part III (Fashion Show Mall – Stratosphere)

Downtown Virtual 360° Downtown Las Vegas Tour here

Mount Charleston / Lee Canyon Virtual 360° Lee Canyon Tour

Google Map of the Strip with VR Photos

Las Vegas History

If you want to see what there is to do away from the casinos and bright lights take a panoramic peek at recreational areas like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Mt. Charleston and the quaint little town of Boulder City, the only town in the state where gambling remains illegal. There truly is something for everyone in Las Vegas.

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On This Date: November 18, 2011, MineCon 2011 was held in Las Vegas

November 18, 2014

Minecraft’s official convention, Minecon 2011 was held in Las Vegas November 18, 2011

On this date, November 18, 2011 the second annual Minecraft convention was held in Las Vegas. MineCon 2011 was held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18, 2011, coinciding with the official release of the game Minecraft 1.0.

MineCon featured many exciting events, including the official release of Minecraft, keynote speeches from members of the Minecraft community (including one from Notch), building contests, breakout classes with different Minecraft topics, costume contests, exhibits, meeting worldwide Minecraft personalities and commemorative merchandise.

There were 4,500 attendees at MineCon 2011, aging from newborns to 105 year olds and coming from 24 countries. Events included the Kickoff party, which everybody was invited to, and the Into the Nether party, featuring Deadmau5.

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On This Date: November 13, 2007 the New Frontier Hotel was Imploded

November 13, 2014
The New Frontier was a hotel and casino

The New Frontier Hotel and Casino imploded on November 13, 2007

On this date, November 13, 2007 the New Frontier Hotel and Casino was imploded on the Las Vegas Strip. Originally, the property started as a nightclub called Pair-O-Dice that opened in 1930, then The Ambassador Night Club in 1936 and was renamed the 91 Club in 1939 for its location on US 91. It was subsequently rebuilt and renamed the “Hotel Last Frontier” in 1942. On April 4, 1955, it was renamed the New Frontier, following a modernization of the resort.

The Last Frontier Hotel & Casino, (later renamed the New Frontier) was the second resort that opened on the Las Vegas Strip and operated continuously from October 30, 1942 until it closed its doors for good at 12:00 A.M. on July 16, 2007.

The resort had the distinction of hosting Elvis Presley’s first Vegas appearance in 1956, and the final performance of Diana Ross and The Supremes on January 14, 1970. The New Frontier was also the starting place for Vegas headliners, Siegfried & Roy before they Moved to the Mirage.

The building was demolished on November 13, 2007. In 2007, A new hotel casino, tentatively titled the Las Vegas Plaza, was proposed to be built in its place but those plan were scuttled in 2011.

Photo By: Wikipedia.org

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On This Date: November 13, 1982 “Boom Boom” Ray Mancini Defeats Duk Koo Kim Ends in Tragedy

Boom Boom Ray Mancini

Boom Boom Ray Mancini boxing Duk Koo Kim on November 13, 1982

On this date: November 13, 1982, a 21-year-old “Boom Boom” Ray Mancini met 23-year-old South Korean challenger Duk Koo Kim. The title bout, was at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, it was also  televised live on CBS Sports. It was a fight filled with action, but Mancini had an easy time hitting Kim during the 14 rounds the fight lasted. Kim suffered brain injuries during the fight that led to his death four days later. The week after his death, the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine showed Mancini and Kim battling, under the title “Tragedy in the Ring”.

Mancini went to the funeral in South Korea and he fell into a deep depression afterwards. He has said that the hardest moments came when people approached him and asked if he was the boxer who “killed” Duk Koo Kim. Mancini went through a period of reflection, as he blamed himself for Kim’s death.

Photo: Cover of Sports Illustrated, November 22, 1982

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On This Date: November 7, 1995 The Landmark Hotel was Imploded in Las Vegas

November 7, 2014
The Landmark Hotel and Casino

The Landmark Hotel and Casino was imploded on November 7, 1995

The Landmark Hotel and casino opened on July 1, 1969. It took more than 8 years to complete and was bought up by Howard Hugues 6 months before its completion.

The Landmark Tower was a 525 rooms hotel/casino located at 364 Convention Center Drive on the corner of Paradise Rd. and Convention Center Drive. The Landmark opened on July 1, 1969 and closed on August 8, 1990.

The Landmark played host to famous celebrities such as Danny Thomas, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Freddy Fender’s first appearance. The Landmark was one of the few hotel properties not located on the Strip or in downtown Las Vegas but across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Landmark was closed on August 8, 1990. and on November 7, 1995, it was imploded. The demolition was filmed and used in the movie Tim Burton, “Mars Attack”. The Landmark was also featured in such movies like Viva Las Vegas, Diamonds Are Forever, Casino, and The Cooler. Also seen in TV Shows like Vegas and Crime Story.

Photo By: University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries

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Lonnie Hammargren’s Nevada Day House Tour

November 2, 2014
Lonnie Hammargren

Lonnie Hammargren

Lonnie Hammargren long time Las Vegas resident, neurosurgeon, politician and eclectic collector of Las Vegas and Nevada history opens his house, Castillo del Sol to Las Vegas residents to celebrate Nevada Day. Lonnie severed as Lt. Governor of Nevada (1995-1999), and spent years as a NASA flight surgeon. His house or should I say his 3 houses combined to form one large museum with has at least 3 stories and a basement sprawl over then neighborhood near Flamingo and Sandhill.

Some of the items noted are a life-size Apollo capsule, atomic bombs, observatory, planetarium, casino signs, time machines, Liberace memorabilia (including a full set of stairs), a sarcophagus in a Egyptian tomb, stage, trains, political history, replica of Hoover Dam, large scaled size model of the Space Shuttle, memorials to fallen astronauts, Bat-mobile, Statue of Liberty, and of the latests items was the roller-coster from the the top of the Stratosphere. Lonnie’s house has been featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and the Travel Channel’s Vegas VIP Homes.

This was the final year (2014) for the public to tour of Mr. Hammargren’s house on Nevada Day weekend.

Photos by: LasVegas360.com
Date Taken: November 2, 2014

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