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July 3, 2011
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Sign

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign -photo taken: 2011. photo by: LasVegas360.com

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down the world famous Las Vegas Strip? Now is your chance to take a virtual stroll down Las Vegas Boulevard, one of the most exciting streets in the world. Start at the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and continue down the entire length of the Strip with complete 360 degree panoramic views. Be sure to stop at some of the newest and best hotels in Las Vegas including Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Paris, Mandalay Bay and The Venetian. if you like gambling, try your luck at the various gambling establishments across the valley. From the video poker machines in the local 7-11’s to the High Roller tables at Caesars Palace. Smaller places have all slots casino catering to the slot machine crowds. There are local joints, like my favorite PT’s Pub to the glamorous Bellagio, Paris and Wynn, Resorts, there is something for everyone. At Las Vegas, casinos provide limitless entertainment with Vegas slots and games. A new trend is bringing Las Vegas to casinos online such as Royal Vegas which are now offering world-class games straight from Vegas as explained on casino canuck’s guide to royal Vegas and NZ online pokies royal Vegas impression

Continue to the downtown area of Las Vegas, and don’t miss our 360 degree tour of Fremont Street. This street was where it all began, from a small railroad stop at the turn of the century to one of the brightest streets in the world. Fremont street was one of the best places to cruise in a convertible car for decades but now the street has been closed off to traffic and it is a pedestrian paradise lined with kiosks, souvenir shops and of course plenty of casinos. Up above an arched steel canopy lights up the night sky with an animated, electronic show that spans the entire four blocks of Fremont Street. Further down Fremont Street is the newly developing non-gaming sector of  “Fremont East District” lined with Bars, Coffee shops and places to eat, including newly opened Container Park.

Want to see Harrah’s, Caesar’s and all the famous casinos? Then take a virtual stroll down Boulevard South.

Las Vegas Strip Virtual 360° Las Vegas Strip Tour: Part I (Welcome Sign – Bellagio)

Virtual 360° Las Vegas Strip Tour: Part II (Caesar’s – Treasure Island) 

Virtual 360° Las Vegas  Strip Tour: Part III (Fashion Show Mall – Stratosphere)

Downtown Virtual 360° Downtown Las Vegas Tour here

Mount Charleston / Lee Canyon Virtual 360° Lee Canyon Tour

Google Map of the Strip with VR Photos

Las Vegas History

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If you want to see what there is to do away from the casinos and bright lights take a panoramic peek at recreational areas like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Mt. Charleston and the quaint little town of Boulder City, the only town in the state where gambling remains illegal.  Las Vegas has something for everyone, shopping, food, entertainment, recreation at Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, and to get away from the heat, Mount Charleston offers hiking, camping, picnicking. There truly is something for everyone in Las Vegas from the glitz and glamor to the serene beauty of the Spring Mountains.

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Is Las Vegas Set to Become the Virtual Reality Capital of the World?

August 14, 2017
Virtual Reality – the Potential

Image source – www.facebook.com

For years, Las Vegas was the world’s most prosperous gambling city. The desert town was only founded in 1905, but by 1950 it was recognized as a haven for high stakes gambling. Thanks to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, along with repeated representation in Hollywood blockbusters like Ocean’s Eleven, Sin City became world famous. But recently, it has been overtaken by Macao, China, which raked in an astonishing $45.27 billion in 2013. Vegas is still an iconic place for all things gambling, but to get back on top it may need to evolve. One way to do this would be to become the virtual reality capital of the world.

Virtual Reality – the Potential

Virtual Reality – the Potential

Image source: www.facebook.com

Although it hasn’t really taken off yet, many people are expecting big things for virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg has given the new technology his full backing, and Facebook bought the Oculus Rift for the whopping sum of $2 billion back in 2014. The founder of the social network giant wants everyone to be using the site in VR in the future, but so far sales of the headset have been poor. As of reports from March 2017, there were only 243,000 Oculus Rift sales by the end of 2016, while the HTC Vive moved 420,000 units. The low sales could be due to the fact that the headsets are still quite expensive, with the Rift and Vive retailing at around $599 and $799 respectively. On top of that outlay, users also need to own expensive computer equipment to run the devices. Despite the slow start, projections for VR are strong, and the market is expected to grow to $21.5 billion by the year 2020. To put that in perspective, it was worth $2.5 billion last year. These market predictions are down to the fact that there is a lot of belief in the technology, and more developers are seeking to add VR elements to their games. PlayStation is leading the way in this regard, with recent titles like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard featuring VR elements. In fact, Sony had already sold more than 1 million units of its headset by June this year.

VR Adventures in Vegas


Las Vegas has now begun to embrace VR. VR Adventures is a recently opened VR experience which plunges guests into a three-dimensional virtual world. Players are required to make use of hand movements, and also walk, sidestep, and jump to move or fly through the virtual environment. It is open until 12am every day, and can be found on Las Vegas Boulevard. Some of the options to choose from include Screaming Skydive, Soaring Superhero, House of Horrors, and Fly N’ Shoot. It is an innovative idea, and provides another entertainment option in the city that has everything. If this becomes a major hit, more things that incorporate VR could soon crop up in Vegas. There has already been a movement towards creating virtual casino games, and Microgaming is leading the way with its VR Roulette which was showcased at the ICE Totally Gaming Expo in 2016. Roulette was an obvious choice for the developers who created the first online casino software in 1994, as the world famous game that first came about in Paris in 1796 has gone through many different variants in the internet age. At Betway Casino, for instance, there are European, French, multiplayer, and live versions of the spinning wheel, and players are increasingly looking to vary their casino games experience by choosing such titles. The Microgaming VR game utilises the diverse nature of roulette and transports players to a space scene, in which there is a roulette wheel operated by a robot croupier. Games like this could certainly be a hit in Vegas, where casinos are constantly striving to provide customers with unique and memorable experiences.

Vegas Could Help Boost VR Sales
Not only could the use of VR help to attract more visitors to Vegas each year, the famous gambling hub could also assist sales of VR headsets and push the new platform into the mainstream. Sin City has been setting trends for decades, and was the first place to have mega-casinos when Steve Wynn opened the Mirage in 1989. The massive complexes featured everything from gambling, to restaurants and swanky hotel rooms. Macao clearly took inspiration from Vegas here, and built the Venetian Macao which is the seventh-largest building on the planet at 10.5 million square-feet. If Vegas becomes the VR capital of the world, it would be wise to assume that other gambling hubs like Macao and Atlantic City will swiftly follow suit. For people who are yet to make their minds up on a holiday to Vegas, there is the Vegas VR app for Google Cardboard which transports users to the bright lights of the Nevada-based city. This should serve to attract even more VR users to Vegas in the near future.

It’s still early days, but Las Vegas has shown throughout its history how open it is to change. It has constantly evolved and grown over the years, and VR could well be the next big thing in the timeline. VR certainly needs an iconic city like Vegas on board, and if it takes off there is no reason why it can’t become the VR capital of the world.

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On This Date August 7, 1966 – Performer “Charo” Weds in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

August 7, 2017
Charo, age 20, Weds Xavier Cugat, age 60, in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

On this date: August 7, 1966 – Latin music king Xavier Cugat, age 60, and singer Charo, age 20, were the first couple to exchange vows at Caesars Palace. Cugat discovered Charo — whose birth name is María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, while performing in Spain in a production of "Night of the Iguana." She went on to bring a little "Coochie, coochie" into the lives of millions.

Photo by: Las Vegas News Bureau

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On This Date: August 5, 1966 Caesars Palace Opened

August 5, 2017
Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip

Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip

Caesars Palace is a luxury hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. Caesars Palace is currently owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Caesars is located on the west side of the Strip, between the Bellagio and the Mirage. The hotel includes a convention facility of over 300,000 square feet and it has 3,960 rooms in six towers.

Caesars Palace opened on August 5, 1966 making it the 16th hotel on the Las Vegas Blvd. also known as the famous Las Vegas “Strip”.

Some additional panoramic photos of Caesars in 1999.

Many movies have been filmed at Caesars over the years, including: The Electric Horseman, Rocky III, Rain Man, Oh, God! You Devil, Ocean’s Eleven 2001, The Hangover and The Hangover III.

On December 31, 1967, Evel Knievel unsuccessfully tried to jump 141 feet over the hotel’s water fountain with his motorcycle. In 1980, Gary Wells gained much media coverage, and much physical suffering, when he unsuccessfully tried to jump a motorcycle over a water fountain at the Caesars Palace. He sustained injuries to many different parts of his body. In 1989, Robbie Knievel successfully completed what his father could not do years before by completing the fountain jump. On May 4, 2006, Mike Metzger became the first person to ever back-flip on a motorcycle over the fountains.

A Formula One World Championship car race event was held at Caesars Palace in 1981 and 1982 called the Caesars Palace Grand Prix.

Caesars Palace hosted many top international performers, such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Cher, Bette Midler, Liberace, Liza Minnelli, Elton John, George Burns, Pilita Corrales, Pat Cooper, Diana Ross, Paul Anka, Julio Iglesias, Judy Garland, David Copperfield, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, Tony Bennett, Gloria Estefan, Phyllis Diller, Luis Miguel, Janet Jackson, Shania Twain, Jerry Seinfeld, Harry Belafonte and Mariah Carey to mention a few.

Photo By: Wikipedia.org


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Mobile Games Market Rising Stars

July 31, 2017
Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming Revenues

Mobile games market rising stars are certainly worth examining. People are used to the gaming markets in certain countries dominating the entire international market. The United Kingdom has one of the biggest gaming markets in the world, of course. Australia has been powerful within the gaming market for a while as well. Japan and South Korea have been the leaders of the online gaming market in the East for a while. Since South Korea helped to create and popularize the genre of e-sports in the first place, this should continue.

However, the people looking for the best NZ casinos will be only too happy to report that a lot of different markets are currently emerging throughout the world. Given the tremendous proven popularity of online gaming, particularly online casino gaming, this was only inevitable. Gambling in general has a lot of proven economic benefits. Almost anything that actually gets rich or middle-class people to spend money and to pour it back into the economy can be helpful. All countries have rich and middle-class people, even though the middle-class is shrinking throughout the world.

Setting up an online casino gaming industry in a nation certainly takes work, but it doesn’t even remotely compare to the amount of work that it takes to create a much more physical and mechanical niche. People don’t have to get a lot of equipment and set up complicated factories. Setting up the plans for a game, designing the game, and repairing bugs in the game will certainly be energy-intensive. However, for the people who have been involved in other emerging markets in other countries, the online casino gaming niche is going to seem like the sort of thing that could start overnight.

Indonesia has one of the biggest gaming markets if people are looking at the revenue numbers specifically. Southeast Asia in general has one of the biggest and most successful emerging markets in the world in terms of gaming, if people decide to look at areas in terms of regions as opposed to countries. Latin America is just behind Southeast Asia in that way. Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are the countries that are performing particularly well within the Latin American region, and this should only continue. Given their proximity to North America and the tourists that they get from North America, both of these markets might be able to influence one another.

Africa and the Middle East are both expanding in terms of their gaming markets as well. A lot of people have been surprised that this has been the case, but they shouldn’t be so shocked. The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia have all been impressive in terms of their development otherwise, and gaming should not constitute an exception.

These emerging markets truly indicate that the entire world is starting to arrive on the scene when it comes to gaming, with fewer regions getting left out of it entirely. People all over the world should soon be able to enjoy gaming wherever they are.

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On This Date: July 25, 2015 Fire at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

July 25, 2017
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Fire July 25, 2015

On July 25, 2015, a fire erupted on the 14th floor pool deck of the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The fire was reported approximately 12:15pm and was extinguished in about 30 minutes.

The fire torched artificial trees and cabanas at the Bamboo Pool on the west side of the hotel, but made little impact inside the building. Large plumes of thick black smoke ccould be seen from all parts of the valley.  All 3000 guests where evacuated from the hotel. Two people were treated for smoke inhalation. One of those patients , one was transported to the hospital.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Fire July 25, 2015

Inspectors were not able to find conclusive evidence of what caused the fire at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas pool on that day in July, but evidence points to cigarette butts dropped, perhaps, from one of the balconies above the pool area.

The fire resulted in damage, a couple of minor injuries, but no deaths. Estimation of damages was $2 million dollars.

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