On This Date: June 17, 1960 The El Rancho Vegas was Destroyed Fire

June 17, 2017
El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Vegas

Late night on June 17, 1960, Harry James and Betty Grable were performing on stage, the hotel was destroyed by a fire. There were no deaths or injuries. Despite vows to rebuild the El Rancho Vegas after the fire, the plans never materialized. In 1970, billionaire Howard Hughes purchased 60 acres  of the land. In 1978, the remnants of the old resort were demolished.

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

El Rancho Hotel Fire

The El Rancho Vegas was the first resort on the Las Vegas Strip and open on April 3, 1941. The hotel was located on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Sahara Blvd.  It was the largest hotel in Las Vegas with 110 rooms in 1941. When it opened, El Rancho Vegas’s dining room was the largest in Las Vegas. The casino consisted of four table games—two blackjack tables, one roulette table, and one craps table—and seventy slot machines.

El Rancho Vegas

El Rancho Vegas The First Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip

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Three Ways to Win Money in a Casino

June 16, 2017
Casino neon sign

Three ways to win money in a casino

The slot machines in the online mode allow you not only to have a fun time without leaving your house, but also to improve your financial well-being if you play for money. Every player dreams of winning money, who decided to take a chance and try his luck. The main question remains how to play for money at the freespins365.co.uk casino and get a gold profit?

The first way
The first way to become rich when playing casino is to develop the right strategy. The bottom line is that: The game of machine guns should bring pleasure. Luck is unlikely to smile at someone who is dissatisfied with any factors: the interface of the game slot, its rules. You should keep your statistics and watch it. For example, the statistics of winnings are kept on the site of the casino. The higher the score, the greater the chance of a favorable outcome. If during the game process for three scrolls of the reel the winning position is not displayed, you should switch to another gaming machine. In the same way it is recommended to enter if luck on the slot machine smiled three times in a row.

The second way
The second way is training. Most players who can boast of large jackpots started playing casinos for fun. Recommended: The first time to learn gambling machines without financial investments, playing in the demo version. Do not put a large amount of money on just one machine. It is better to divide the money for 2-3 machine guns, so the chance to win increases at least 2 times. You should not train every day. Gambling machines are not a job that brings a steady and stable income. Casino, first of all, bring pleasure and additional earnings. It is important to be careful and not to drive horses. Sometimes it is better to spend more time training and get the coveted amount than to lower your “blood”.

The third way
The third way to win money is to learn how to cope with your emotions. The human factor can both have a beneficial effect on the game, and lead to a loss. For example: It is not recommended to start the game in a state of depression, aggression and alcoholic intoxication. Negative emotions do not accompany luck. Anger and an uncontrolled mind due to the effects of alcohol are frustrating. It should be understood that constant luck or a large jackpot is better to take than doubling with them the stakes at the next game. It is important to be able to stop at times, it is better to play “tomorrow” than to lose “today”. Moreover, to lose not only the jackpot, but also it’s originally invested money. It is necessary to choose your casinos to save your finances. You can find an article how to do it here: casinoomega.com You can read reviews, communicate with real players, trust professionals, but only rely on yourself. Only you yourself can, how to win your own money, and lose. No one will return them if you are not careful.

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Types of Diamond Cuts

June 14, 2017

Cuts of Diamonds

Diamonds are expensive, they’re really expensive and you know you can’t go wrong when buying a diamond. If you read just about any buying guide for diamonds, you’ll come across diamond cuts which are the foundation of any buying guide. Cuts in diamonds are so important; they literally decide how appealing a diamond will look when worn over the finger or ears. Before you set out to buy a diamond, make sure you read about the different cuts of the diamond. This will give you a good idea on what you will get through your investment.

Here are the 10 diamond cuts

  • Round diamonds
  • princess cut diamond
  • oval diamond
  • marquise diamond
  • pear shaped diamond
  • Cushion cut diamond
  • emerald cut diamond
  • Asscher cut diamond
  • radiant cut diamond
  • Heart shaped diamond

Want to see visuals?  Check out this diamond infographic.

Although all diamonds are great, we’ll specifically look at the Asscher diamond cut.

The asscher diamond cut was incepted in 1902 by the Asscher brothers of Holland. Both were known at the time for cutting the largest rough stone of the world at that time. Asscher diamond cuts rose to popularity in 1920s. Now days they are mostly found in antique shops. But in 2002, nearly after 100 years after the initial cut, it started to rise in popularity. But it didn’t just make a comeback, it also brought with it many modifications that allowed for a more brilliance cut than ever before.

Today the asscher cut is quite similar to the square emerald cut; you could say the two are pretty much the same. The only difference is that it has a higher crown, larger step facet and a smaller table than the emerald cut. This modification is a bit different from the emerald cut but it produces more brilliance over all in the finished product. If the asscher is well cut, it will have concentric squares that can be easily looked upon through the table. This is because of the pavilion facets that are properly positioned underneath.

Much like the emerald cut, the asscher cut also has cropped corners. But because it is principally a square shape, the cropped corners on the ends will make it look a lot like octagonal. The classic diamond cut is almost square, but they can also be obtained in rectangular shape if you let the jeweler know your personal preference.

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On This Date: June 10, 1997, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino Opened in Henderson

June 10, 2017
Sunset Station

Sunset Station opened June 10, 1997

On this date, June 10, 1997, Sunset Station hotel and casino opened after a large firework show at 9:30 pm. The property is located in Henderson, Nevada. Sunset Station is an off-strip locals casino located on Sunset Road near Interstate 515, across from the Galleria at Sunset shopping center. The hotel & casino cost $198 million and is the forth Vegas property owned by Stations Casino Inc. The company also owns and operates Palace Station, Boulder Station and Texas Station hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, as well as hotel-casinos in Kansas City and St. Charles, Mo.

The resort includes a 21-story hotel tower with 448 rooms, 13,000 sq ft of meeting space, slot machines, table games, a 13-screen movie theater, a 542-seat bingo hall, a 72-lane bowling alley open 24 hours a day, a 5,000-seat outdoor amphitheater, and nine restaurants.

Photo credit: Sunset Station’s Facebook page

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On This Date: June 8, 1956 The Silver Palace Casino opened in Downtown Las Vegas

June 8, 2017
Silver Palace

Silver Palace on Fremont and 1st Street

On this date: June 8, 1956 the Silver Palace Casino opened in Downtown Las Vegas.
The casino and restaurant was a new concept in Las Vegas.

It was the first two level club in Las Vegas with an escalator connecting the casino with the lower level restaurant.

When it opened, it was one of the larger clubs in Las Vegas, with 16,700 square feet of floor space on the two levels, the casino was designed for 200 slot machines, three dice tables, five 21 tables, one roulette wheel and Keno. On the outside, over 1,000 feet of neon tubes lit the First Street side of the club and more than 3,000 light bulbs cast the Silver Palace sign in bright splendor along Fremont.

The Silver Palace was designed Lee Linton, in the style of French contemporary artist Henri Matisse, The Silver Palace closed in 1964. After the Silver Palace closed, a long chain of opening and closings, which include the following: Carousel, Gamblers Hall of Fame, Sundance West, Sassy Sally’s and now Mermaids.

Photo credit: Steve Wagar

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