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Downtown Las Vegas, also know as Glittergulch, the areas around downtown include East Fremont, Symphony Park, and the Arts District.

On this Date: May 31, 2000, the Golden Nugget and all of Steve Wynn’s other Strip properties where sold to Kirk Kerkorian

May 31, 2015
Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

On May 31, 2000, the Golden Nugget (and all of Steve Wynn’s other properties) was sold to Kirk Kerkorian; the consolidated corporation was known as MGM Mirage and has been the largest casino corporation in Las Vegas since that date.

The Mirage

The Mirage

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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On This Date: May 29, 2003 The Closed Moulin Rouge Caught Fire

May 29, 2015
Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Neon Sign in West Las Vegas

The Moulin Rouge opened on May 24, 1955, built at a cost of $3.5 million. It was the first integrated hotel casino in the United States. Until that time almost all of the casinos on the Strip were totally segregated—off limits to blacks unless they were the entertainment or labor force.

The hotel was located in West Las Vegas, where the black population was forced to live. West Las Vegas was bounded by Washington Avenue on the north, Bonanza Road on the south, H Street on the west, and A Street on the east. The establishment was a model of eye-catching, 110 rooms, a gorgeous showroom, swimming pool, restaurant/coffee shop, dress-shop, and bar which was constructed of highly polished and expensive hardwoods. When it opened, the Moulin Rouge was fully integrated top to bottom, from employees to patrons to entertainers.

The hotel made the June 20, 1955, cover of Life magazine, with a photo of two showgirls. A veritable “A” list of performers regularly showed to party until dawn. Great black singers and musicians such as Lena Horne, Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, and Count Basie would perform often. These artists were banned from gambling or staying at the hotels on the Strip.[1] In addition, white performers, including George Burns, Jeanette MacDonald, Tallulah Bankhead, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Frankie Laine, Maurice Chevalier, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jack Benny, Sophie Tucker and Frank Sinatra, would drop in after their shows to gamble and perform. Eventually management added a 2:30am “Third Show” to accommodate the crowds.

In November 1955 the Moulin Rouge closed its doors, and by December 1955, the casino had declared bankruptcy. Nevertheless, to maintain its gaming license, the Moulin Rouge (like many closed properties) operates on a temporary basis for a state-mandated minimum of eight hours every two years, most recently on June 19, 2012.

On May 29, 2003, a fire ripped through the buildings, almost entirely gutting the complex.

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On This Date: May 21, 2010, The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health Opened

May 21, 2015
Lou Ruvo

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health – Designed by Frank Gehry

The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, officially the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, opened on May 21, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada that is operated by the Cleveland Clinic and was designed by world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry of Gehry Partners in Santa Monica, California.

The Lou Ruvo Center sits on the corner of  West Bonneville and South Grand Central Parkway in Downtown Las Vegas.

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On This Date: May 15, 1905 Las Vegas Was Born

May 15, 2015
Las Vegas Map 1905

Las Vegas Town Site Map in 1905

On May 15, 1905, Las Vegas officially was founded as a city, when 110 acres (600 plots of land) in what would later become downtown, were auctioned to ready buyers.  In two days, the 110-acres bounded by Stewart Avenue and Garces Avenue and Main Street and 5th Street (now Las Vegas Boulevard) were sold.

Union Pacific Steam Train No 844 Visits Downtown Las Vegas

Union Pacific Steam Train No 844 Visits Downtown Las Vegas November 22, 2011

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Kabob Korner – A tasty place to eat.

May 2, 2015

Being a resident of Las Vegas for most of my life, my first introduction to anything that resembled Middle Eastern Food was those early Vegas commercials in the late 70’s advertising pita sandwiches from a place called “Gyro Time”, as in gyroscope. They even had a little jingle in the commercial something like “What time is it? Gyro Time!” again with the poor pronunciation right in the ad. Gryo Time still exists on Charleston and the food still is not very good. I have tried most gyros (pronounced “Yee-roh”) joints in town. I have been to both Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe on Maryland Parkway, and Sahara. Tried them at, Yassou Greek Grill Cafe, Market Grill Cafe, and a place that use to be next to UNLV called Daily Chicken. There was even was a chain Greek place in the Meadows and Fashion Show Malls years ago called, Renzio’s Greek Food. All serving their variation of a pita wrapped meat sandwich called a gyro.

Now, basically all of them served their gyros with a similar type of meat. The kind that looks like a large piece of wood being loaded a vertical wood lathe. This big-o-cylinder of meat is broiled and sliced off and served. The meat spool is usually a mix of beef, lamb and spices or most commonly, beef. It seems to me that they all go and shop at the same store for this mega roll of meat to cook. The meat usually has the same texture and similar taste wherever I go. I do have to mention that some places serve gyros a lot better than others.

Being as I work in the downtown area of Las Vegas, I am always on the hunt for a new place to eat for lunch. I found this hole-in-the wall on East Fremont Street nestled between a tattoo parlor and a small pizza joint, called Kabob Korner about 3 years ago. Located at 507 East Fremont Street, it’s not really on the corner, but its better than calling it “Kabob in the middle of the block where it is jammed between tats-r-us and the pizza place”. The front of this place is nothing to look at. It has some outdated posters of food and a woman with big hair and the word GYRO on it. Most people would just walk by without notice. Once inside the narrow (15 feet wide) shop, with its middle eastern decor, there are 6 tables, not a lot of room so be prepared to share your table with a stranger. Go ahead, go in, it’s ok. The place is small, but it seems to be frequent by a lot of downtown workers types, you got: cops, courthouse workers, law people, county and city workers and not a lot of tourists. Throw a few in a few street people every once in a while and you get the picture. Kabob Korner is the only Halal restaurant in Las Vegas. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines.

Super Gyro Combo at Kabob Korner

Now for the food part. My favorite thing on the menu is the Super Gyro ($5.99) not to be confused their standard gyro. The super gyro is made from all lamb (yes, as in Mary), the standard gyro is a mixture of beef and lamb. Now, I never had lamb before as a stand alone dish, but the super gyro is delicious and juicy, it is very flavorful and melts in you mouth and it is quite big. The super gyro combo with fries and drink, this is my standard order here. The man sized, gyro comes with onions, tomatoes and their tzatziki sauce, topped with large helping of feta, served on a fluffy sweet pita bread, along with a generous portion of thick seasoned fries. I am sure this is not the most healthy thing to eat, but it is nice to give yourself a treat from time to time. I have tried the chicken dishes which are really good and the rice and pita bread is very tasty too. My only complaint is the drink situation. They only serve drinks in cans or bottles. This is clearly not enough liquid to go with your super gyro scarf-down. I asked the owner about the drinks and he told me that if there was a soda fountain in there, the street people would be coming in and trying to get refills. Well, maybe with the new changes going on in this part of East Fremont Street, they will upgrade (please!)

The only tricky part of downtown eating is parking, for lunch at the Kabob Korner you can usually get a metered parking spot on the southern side of Fremont on 6th Street, an hour will cost about a dollar, bring coins. The store is open Monday-Saturday 10am-11pm and closed on Sunday. Kabob Korner serves up some yummy middle eastern eats in their 15 foot wide kabob shop in downtown. So when you your really hungry swing by and check out Kabob Korner (which is not on the corner).

Update: May 2, 2015: This restaurant has moved to 730 E Flamingo Rd #7 and is no longer in Downtown Las Vegas and LasVegas360 has not reviewed it at its new location.

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On This Date : March 20, 1931 The first gaming license issued in Las Vegas

March 20, 2015
The Northern Club on Fremont St. was the first establishment to be issued a gaming license in Clark County

The Northern Club on Fremont St. was the first establishment to be issued a gaming license in Clark County in 1931.

After the legalization of gaming in Nevada, the Northern Club received received the first gaming license in Las Vegas on March 20, 1931.  The Northern Club was located in downtown Las Vegas on 15 East Fremont Street. The license was issued by Clark County and was the first gaming license issued to a woman, Mayme Stocker.

Originally opened in the 1900’s as the Las Vegas Coffee House, Mayme Stocker renamed it the Northern Club in 1920 offering liquor and gaming while both were illegal.

The Northern Club casino was renamed in 1945 as the Monte Carlo Club by Wilbur Clark. In The Late 1970’s it was again renamed to the Coin Castle which later became the La Bayou Casino and is still in operation today.

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