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Downtown Las Vegas, also know as Glittergulch, the areas around downtown include East Fremont, Symphony Park, and the Arts District.

Deadspin, Here is a Food that Represents Nevada

November 25, 2013

An article appeared in Deadspin online magazine featuring signature foods from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, ranking them in order. There where the notable No. 1. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza (Illinois), No. 4 Crab cake (Maryland), No. 7 Key lime pie (Florida) and the rest. But Nevada came in 49th place with ” Nothing” beating the horrid sounding, No. 50  Steamed  cheeseburger (Connecticut) and No. 51. Cincinnati chili (Ohio). Nevada was the only state listed as not having a food that represents its self.

   N0. 49  “Nothing”  “Not having any authentic local culture to speak of (Nevada)” – Deadspin

As a long time resident of Nevada and Las Vegas for over 40 years. I propose that we submit to DeadSpin and to our own legislator body of Nevada to make the “Shrimp Cocktail” the official food for Nevada. Now this might sound a bit strange for a land locked state being 200 miles from the nearest ocean. The shrimp cocktail is cool and spicy, reminds me of the classic Las Vegas, with the Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. serve in a glass from a by gone era.

On a per capita basis, Las Vegas alone consumes more than 22 million pounds of shrimp annually, more than anywhere else in the world and that is not even counting other popular areas like Lake Tahoe and Reno. Las Vegas now has local shrimp farming in warehouses to keep up with the Vegas’ 60,000 pounds daily need.

Shrimp Cocktail proposed State food for Nevada?

Shrimp Cocktail proposed State food for Nevada?

The history of the shrimp cocktail dates back to the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s and it came out of San Francisco. During the late 1920′s, “cocktail appetizers” like shrimp cocktail became popular during the prohibition era. It was a popular way to reuse the stemware that were at all the bars during those times. The shrimp cocktail was brought to Las Vegas in 1959 when the Golden Gate Hotel was purchased by a group of Italian-Americans from San Francisco. They set their cost of their shrimp cocktail price at 50 cents until 1991, at present it is $2.99. The Golden Gate continues to serve Shrimp Cocktails today.

Spread the word! Contact your you state legislators! Send the tweets! Don’t let Nevada be the “Nothing” state when it come to having a signature food. lets Make the Shrimp Cocktail Nevada’s State Food.

The full list of state foods can be found at Deadspin.

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On This Date: August 30, 1946 The Golden Nugget Opened

August 30, 2013
Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

On August 30, 1946 the Golden Nugget opened, making it one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget is located in the orginal downtown area of Las Vegas on Fremont Street. The area is  also known as Glitter Gulch as apposed to the famous Las Vegas Blvd, aka the “Strip”. The Golden Nugget is the largest casino in the downtown area, with a total of 2,345 deluxe guest rooms and suites.

Displayed in the Golden Nugget lobby, is the world’s largest gold nugget, the Hand of Faith. It weighs in at 875 troy ounces. The gold alone is worth $1.2 million at todays prices ($1400 per oz.)

The Golden Nugget has had many famous owners, including: Jackie Gaughan, Steve Wynn and Kirk Kerkorian. Landry’s Restaurants are the current owners and operators of the Golden Nugget today.

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Atomic Liquors Reopens on East Fremont

June 21, 2013
Atomic Liquors

Atomic Liquors at night

Atomic Liquors re-opens after begin closed for over 3 years on June 20, 2013, continuing the renewal of Downtown Las Vegas.

Originally built in 1945 called as Virginia’s Cafe, it was later renamed Atomic Liquors due to the above ground nuclear bomb testing at the Nevada Test Site. The patrons use to gather on the roof top to witness the bomb explosion which could be viewed and felt from atomic explosions at the Test Site 50+ miles away to the northeast.

The bar at 971 E. Fremont Street, a couple of blocks east of the Blvd. Barbara Streisand shot pool there, the pools tables are still there, and it is rumored that everyone from Frank Sinatra to the Smothers Brothers stopped in for drinks over the years. You see it is far enough away from the Strip that even headliners could stop in a be a regular Joe, or Frank or Dean. Several movies, including some westerns and 1995′s “Casino,” used the bar as a backdrop. The distinct neon sign can be seen in the movie hit the “Hangover”.

Atomic Liquors is one of the oldest continually open bars in Las Vegas still kept by the original owners, and hold liquor license Number 00001. Stella Sobchick who ran the bar with her husband Joseph, passed away on Jan 15, 2011 at the age of 91. Joe passed away 3 months earlier also at 91 years. They had run the business for 55 years.

With the re revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, especially the East Fremont District, the Atomic will help now extend renewal efforts on the east of the El Cortez as downtown reinvents itself.

The bombs are now gone and Atomic Liquors is back. Good luck, see you soon and cheers!

Atomic Liquors sign during the day

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On This Date: May 29, 2003 The Closed Moulin Rouge Caught Fire

May 29, 2013
Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Neon Sign in West Las Vegas

The Moulin Rouge opened on May 24, 1955, built at a cost of $3.5 million. It was the first integrated hotel casino in the United States. Until that time almost all of the casinos on the Strip were totally segregated—off limits to blacks unless they were the entertainment or labor force.

The hotel was located in West Las Vegas, where the black population was forced to live. West Las Vegas was bounded by Washington Avenue on the north, Bonanza Road on the south, H Street on the west, and A Street on the east. The establishment was a model of eye-catching, 110 rooms, a gorgeous showroom, swimming pool, restaurant/coffee shop, dress-shop, and bar which was constructed of highly polished and expensive hardwoods. When it opened, the Moulin Rouge was fully integrated top to bottom, from employees to patrons to entertainers.

The hotel made the June 20, 1955, cover of Life magazine, with a photo of two showgirls. A veritable “A” list of performers regularly showed to party until dawn. Great black singers and musicians such as Lena Horne, Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, and Count Basie would perform often. These artists were banned from gambling or staying at the hotels on the Strip.[1] In addition, white performers, including George Burns, Jeanette MacDonald, Tallulah Bankhead, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Frankie Laine, Maurice Chevalier, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jack Benny, Sophie Tucker and Frank Sinatra, would drop in after their shows to gamble and perform. Eventually management added a 2:30am “Third Show” to accommodate the crowds.

In November 1955 the Moulin Rouge closed its doors, and by December 1955, the casino had declared bankruptcy. Nevertheless, to maintain its gaming license, the Moulin Rouge (like many closed properties) operates on a temporary basis for a state-mandated minimum of eight hours every two years, most recently on June 19, 2012.

On May 29, 2003, a fire ripped through the buildings, almost entirely gutting the complex.

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On This Date: May 21, 2010, The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health Opened

May 21, 2013
Lou Ruvo

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health - Designed by Frank Gehry

The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, officially the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, opened on May 21, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada that is operated by the Cleveland Clinic and was designed by world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry of Gehry Partners in Santa Monica, California.

The Lou Ruvo Center sits on the corner of  West Bonneville and South Grand Central Parkway in Downtown Las Vegas.

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On This Date: May 15, 1905 Las Vegas Was Born

May 15, 2013
Las Vegas Map 1905

Las Vegas Town Site Map in 1905

On May 15, 1905, Las Vegas officially was founded as a city, when 110 acres (600 plots of land) in what would later become downtown, were auctioned to ready buyers.  In two days, the 110-acres bounded by Stewart Avenue and Garces Avenue and Main Street and 5th Street (now Las Vegas Boulevard) were sold.

Union Pacific Steam Train No 844 Visits Downtown Las Vegas

Union Pacific Steam Train No 844 Visits Downtown Las Vegas November 22, 2011

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