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Downtown Las Vegas, also know as Glittergulch, the areas around downtown include East Fremont, Symphony Park, and the Arts District.

On This Date: February 6, 2006. Lady Luck Casino in Downtown Las Vegas Closed

February 6, 2017

Lady Luck Hotel Casino – September 2007

The Lady Luck opened in 1964 as Honest Johns. The property is located one street north of the famous “Fremont Street” on Ogden Ave. It was originally a small newsstand/smoke-shop with 20 slot machines and a few pinball machines. This was the Honest John’s located downtown and not the other one located on Las Vegas Blvd. and Sahara Ave. But, in 1968 it was renamed Lady Luck. In 1972, it expanded from its small beginnings to engulf the whole block as a full-fledged casino with restaurants and shops.


Honest John’s Before the Lady Luck

The first hotel tower opened in 1986 and the second tower was added in 1989. Lady Luck had more than 30,000 square feet of gaming space, more than 800 slot and video poker machines and 30 table games, 792 hotel guestrooms, four restaurants and a multi-level parking garage. On February 6, 2006 the Lady was closed. 7 years later, on October 27, 2013, the hotel and casino reopened as the Downtown Grand.

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On This Date: January 29, 2004 Castaways-Showboat Hotel Closes in Las Vegas

January 29, 2017
Showboat Hotel and Casino

Showboat in 2000 changed its name to the Castaways which then closed on January 29, 2004

The Castaways Hotel and Casino (2000-2004), formerly the Showboat (1954–2000), was a hotel and casino located at the north end of the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hotel consisted of a 19 story tower containing 445 rooms, a 80,000-square-foot casino and an adjacent RV park. After 50 years the hotel was closed on January 29, 2004 and the hotel town was later imploded on January 11, 2006.

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On This Date: January 23, 2004 – Binion’s Horseshoe was Sold

January 23, 2017
Binion's Fremont Street Experience

Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, was previous called Binion’s Horseshoe

On January 23, 2004 downtown Las Vegas’ iconic Horseshoe Hotel and Casino was sold to Harrah’s Entertainment. The casino is named for its founder, Benny Binion, whose family ran it from its founding in 1951 until 2004. Currently, the now rename casino, Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel, is owned and operated by TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc. but, the hotel rooms remain closed to this day.

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A Look At The Best Texas Hold’em Odds In Vegas

October 28, 2016

Look At The Best Texas Hold’em Odds In Vegas

Vegas is a great place to visit almost any time of year, as it boasts pleasant weather and good flight deals all year round. However with September to November being one of the peak times for visitors to head to Vegas, (alongside March to May), it’s almost certain that the casinos are going to be rammed this time of year. You can take a virtual stroll down the Las Vegas Boulevard without even having to be there, but finding the right games with the best odds isn’t always that easy. That’s where we come in. If you’re a Texas Hold’em fan then you’re going to want to find the casinos that have the best odds, particularly if you’re a newbie to the casinos. You’ll be surprised at just how different online poker is to live poker, so starting off your Las Vegas Texas Hold’em run in the right casino with the best odds is important.

Texas Hold’em In The Casino

Unlike some of the other games you may find in the casino, like Blackjack and even Craps, the odds of Texas Hold’em are somewhat stacked against you as opposed to playing real poker in a casino. Minimum bets for Texas Hold’em tend to be a lot higher than at most tables so if you’re not very good at playing then you’re likely to lose a lot of money quite quickly at one of these tables. This applies to almost all of the casinos that you may find in Vegas. Whether you’re playing against the dealer or the rest of the table, the odds are relatively stacked against you. When it comes to Texas Hold’em you’re probably going to come up against a lot of experienced players, and because of this it is important to prepare yourself so you don’t end up losing a lot more money than expected. Whether you practice your game play with online games or you study Texas Hold’em Strategy with guides like the Ladbrokes Hold’em Poker Strategy guide, there are many ways that you can prepare – and in order to put the odds more in your favour (hypothetically) preparing is the best way.

Odds Of Texas Hold’em Hands

There are a few different odds of the poker hands that you should know when it comes to playing Texas Hold’em. For example, the chances of you getting a top starting hand (such as double aces, A-K suited etc.) is really small, with the percentage being around 2.1%. If you plan on holding out for this type of hand then you’re probably going to lose a lot of money. Using your common sense can be important when it comes to Texas Hold’em, because you’re not always going to get the best hands as you go. For example, two suited cards shouldn’t always be played just because they’re suited as this only improves your hand by about 2.5%. Another thing to consider is pocket jacks. While they look good the chances of a higher card is 52% so you may not always get the result that you want when you rely on pocket jacks.

Different Tables

While all different casinos will have various minimum and maximum bets, there are a few different variants of Texas Hold’em poker that you may want to consider before you decide where you want to go, as this can ultimately affect your odds of winning. For example, Ultimate Texas Hold’em (played in Bally’s) has an average house edge of 2.185%, Heads Up Hold‘em has a house edge of around 2.36% and regular Texas Hold’em has a house edge of around 2.04%. Although it may not seem that much of a difference, you’ll be surprised at how the different variants can affect your winnings.

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On this Date, October 1, 1980 Bob Stupak’s Glitter Gulch opened on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

October 1, 2016

On this Date, October 1, 1980 Bob Stupak’s Glitter Gulch opened at 22 Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

Sassy Sally Glitter Gulch

Sassy Sally atop the Glitter Gulch sign

In 1982 Herb Pastor acquired the Glitter Gulch Casino next door to his Golden Goose Casino and combined the two locations under the license of the Golden Goose operating it until 1991.

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On This Date: September 9, 2013 Zappos Moves to Downtown Las Vegas

September 9, 2016

Zappos Cubicles allow for personalization

On this date, September 9, 2013, Zappos moves their headquarters into the old City Hall building in Downtown Las Vegas. Zappos original was from San Francisco, moved to Henderson, Nevada in 2004 and finally to Downtown Las Vegas.  Lead by Zappos CEO and guru, Tony Hsieh, who is considered in some circles as the Dalai Lama or Llama of DTLV.  Tony Hsieh, who also leads the Downtown Project, has been revitalizing downtown Las Vegas as a vibrant cultural and economic hotspot.


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Date: March 15, 2011

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