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Downtown Las Vegas, also know as Glittergulch, the areas around downtown include East Fremont, Symphony Park, and the Arts District.

On This Date: July 2, 1971 The Union Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas Opened

July 2, 2017

The Plaza, originally named the Union Plaza (Photo by:

Photo by:


The “Union” was removed in 2011 (Photo by:

Opened on July 2, 1971 with the owners including local businessmen: Sam Boyd, Frank Scott, Howard Cannon and Jackie Gaughan. Its original name was Union Plaza, in reference to the Union Pacific railroad station that originally stood at the site.

In the 1971 James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever, the construction of the Union Plaza is visible in the background. In the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II, a model of the Plaza serves as the hotel tower.

The hotel portion closed on November 11, 2010. The hotel re-opened September 1, 2011 as the Plaza.

Re-modeled rooms of the Plaza in 2011

Re-modeled rooms of the Plaza in 2011

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The Gambling Lifestyle in Las Vegas

July 1, 2017

Winning in Las VegasEach city has its own allure achieved by unique traits, historical background or just welcoming locals. For Las Vegas, specifically, there is a bit more than that. The lifestyle in Vegas is often described by stating that it is both everything and nothing that meets the eye.

In order to understand life in Las Vegas, people need to realize that there is much more than just the gambling industry. Although this is the driving force which has kept this city alive during the sweltering summer heat and constant movement, people in Vegas are able to experience much more. Locals are able to witness concerts, shows and performances of the greatest world-famous stars in show business without travelling to a distant city.
Not too far from the neon lights, people are also able to experience quite a number of outdoor activities. The Vegas valley is enclosed by mountains and rough terrain, allowing visitors and locals to explore various extreme sports.

Yet, the majority of people who visit Vegas are inclined towards gambling. The gambling lifestyle as seen in movies and on TV mainly aims to attract as many gamblers as possible, which is why it is often portrayed as a luxurious, easy-money, care-free way of life. After all, Vegas has been facing some serious threats of extinction. NetBet and similar popular online casinos rapidly replaced the land-based lobbies of entire resorts filled with tables and slot machines.

Still, there are a few characteristics of the gambling lifestyle in Las Vegas which make the experience exciting and irreplaceable.

Time Stands Still in Las Vegas
This characteristic of the gambling lifestyle in Las Vegas is one of the many tactics employed by hotel and resort managers in an attempt to keep players on the casino floor. They tend to provide a full-service experience and a place to eat, drink, sleep, party or even shop within their establishment in order to prevent players from leaving. Thus, gamblers often get carried away and end up spending too many sleepless nights in the lobby without any idea of the actual time.

Gambling Is Also a Profession
Although this could also be true for any other town where gambling is legal and regulated, Las Vegas does offer greater variety when it comes to developing your gambling skills. Previous generations have already set the basics for the industry, leaving youngsters with a done product which simply needs some refurbishing now and then.

In order to enjoy your stay in Vegas, you need to understand that this is not an easy way to make a living. Despite stereotypical beliefs, there is only a very small portion of gamblers who actually accumulate all their income from gambling and can sustain themselves and their family.

Gambling Etiquette
Just like any other official business, gambling in Las Vegas casinos is done under certain unwritten rules. Small things like asking whether the chair is free or not, or simply learning the rules of the game before placing your bet and throwing a fit for losing your money often mean a lot to the typical Las Vegas gambler.

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Three Ways to Win Money in a Casino

June 16, 2017
Casino neon sign

Three ways to win money in a casino

The slot machines in the online mode allow you not only to have a fun time without leaving your house, but also to improve your financial well-being if you play for money. Every player dreams of winning money, who decided to take a chance and try his luck. The main question remains how to play for money at the casino and get a gold profit?

The first way
The first way to become rich when playing casino is to develop the right strategy. The bottom line is that: The game of machine guns should bring pleasure. Luck is unlikely to smile at someone who is dissatisfied with any factors: the interface of the game slot, its rules. You should keep your statistics and watch it. For example, the statistics of winnings are kept on the site of the casino. The higher the score, the greater the chance of a favorable outcome. If during the game process for three scrolls of the reel the winning position is not displayed, you should switch to another gaming machine. In the same way it is recommended to enter if luck on the slot machine smiled three times in a row.

The second way
The second way is training. Most players who can boast of large jackpots started playing casinos for fun. Recommended: The first time to learn gambling machines without financial investments, playing in the demo version. Do not put a large amount of money on just one machine. It is better to divide the money for 2-3 machine guns, so the chance to win increases at least 2 times. You should not train every day. Gambling machines are not a job that brings a steady and stable income. Casino, first of all, bring pleasure and additional earnings. It is important to be careful and not to drive horses. Sometimes it is better to spend more time training and get the coveted amount than to lower your “blood”.

The third way
The third way to win money is to learn how to cope with your emotions. The human factor can both have a beneficial effect on the game, and lead to a loss. For example: It is not recommended to start the game in a state of depression, aggression and alcoholic intoxication. Negative emotions do not accompany luck. Anger and an uncontrolled mind due to the effects of alcohol are frustrating. It should be understood that constant luck or a large jackpot is better to take than doubling with them the stakes at the next game. It is important to be able to stop at times, it is better to play “tomorrow” than to lose “today”. Moreover, to lose not only the jackpot, but also it’s originally invested money. It is necessary to choose your casinos to save your finances. You can find an article how to do it here: You can read reviews, communicate with real players, trust professionals, but only rely on yourself. Only you yourself can, how to win your own money, and lose. No one will return them if you are not careful.

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On this Date: June 4, 1975 The Golden Goose Opened in Downtown Las Vegas

June 4, 2017
Golden Goose Downtown Las Vegas

The Golden Goose  circa 1999

On this date, June 4 1975, the Golden Goose opened at 20 Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas. Although the Golden Goose was mostly a slot house for most of its 5 years of operation. They later closed in 1980.

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On this Date: June 2, 1966 The Four Queens Hotel & Casino Opened in Downtown Las Vegas

June 2, 2017
4 Queens in downtown Las Vegas

4 Queens in Downtown Las Vegas

Construction began on the Four Queens Hotel and Casino November 16, 1964. The hotel & casino opened on June 2, 1966 in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street. The casino is named after the builder Ben Goffstein’s four daughters, Faith, Hope, Benita, and Michele. It originally contained only 120 rooms and a 20,000 sq. ft. casino.

Today the casino occupies the entire block bordered by Fremont St, Casino Center, Third Street, and Carson Avenue. The hotel has 690 rooms and a expanded casino of 50,000 sq. ft. The Four Queens was also a partner in renovating the downtown area and creating the Fremont Street experience.

The Four Queens is currently by TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc.

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On this Date: May 31, 2000, the Golden Nugget and all of Steve Wynn’s other Strip properties where sold to Kirk Kerkorian

May 31, 2017
Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas

On May 31, 2000, the Golden Nugget (and all of Steve Wynn’s other properties) was sold to Kirk Kerkorian; the consolidated corporation was known as MGM Mirage and has been the largest casino corporation in Las Vegas since that date.

The Mirage

The Mirage

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Photos By:,
Clément Bardot (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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