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Summer Vacation in Las Vegas

June 20, 2017
Las Vegas Sign

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The warm weather is here, and so are holidays, so if Las Vegas is on your mind for the summer then you might want to check out the places we have brought together so that your visit to this thrilling city is as varied and as exciting as it should be.

Take, for instance, the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. The first thing that might come to your mind is the World Series of Poker, which is celebrated here and will be taking place until July 17 if you happen to drop by Las Vegas around that time. However, the reason why we include it as part of an idyllic summer getaway full of surprises is because behind the doors of this hotel hides one of the best-kept secrets of the city: The Rio Wine Cellar and Tasting Room. Here, you will find a unique collection of wines to taste in a relaxing and secluded atmosphere as you take a break from the exciting energy of America’s Playground. The collection of wines at this cellar is so exclusive that altogether they add up to 10 million dollars. Not many know about this charming spot, where you can even find – not drink- a bottle of Portuguese wine from Jefferson’s private reserve.

Next on our list is the Neon Museum. At this singular spot you will be able to contemplate some of the most emblematic neon signs that turned this city into that of the lights. All of these neon relics come with a story that will guide you through the history of Las Vegas and times past. This museum, which works as a non-profit organization, has taken on the very important task of preserving this artistic heritage and the best option is to book a tour when visiting it.

During your trip, you should also make sure that one night you go to see the Bellagio Fountains, which have close to 1,214 spritzers that turn this watery enclave into a true spectacle. Although you can choose to avoid casinos by playing with the best online poker bonuses without the need to even set a foot in Las Vegas, let’s not forget that if you’re there, you must visit at least one room to understand the magic of these venues. And the reason why we say this is because the Bellagio is just the perfect choice, so following the cascading show you might want to step into this legendary casino, where you are also likely to run into more than one famous card player.

Once you’re done at the tables, don’t forget to try some of the best-grilled meat in the country. Las Vegas is famous for its steakhouses, and you can choose from a long list that includes Bazaar Meat by José Andrés, located right on The Strip, to Delmonico Steakhouse, Cut, Craftsteak or Prime. But if you want to try other things, remember that Vegas is also great for foodies as its gourmet offer has grown over the years to suit every palate.

Finally, on a warm day during your visit, you might find it refreshing to escape from the urban context and the best place to go to is the emblematic Hoover Dam, where you can enjoy the fantastic views from the bridge or a boat. Either way, make sure that you read about this monumental architectural and engineering landmark that is part of the US history.

So if this summer your plans take you the most famous city of Nevada, make sure to follow our tips to make the best of your trip to this memorable spot that is not all about casinos and resorts, but also wine, art and architecture.

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On This Date: June 18, 1996, Caesars Magical Empire Opened at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

June 18, 2017

Caesars Magical Empire, a multimillion dollar dining and entertainment complex opened in Caesars Palace June 18 1996. Caesars Magical Empire was a three-hour “up close and personal” encounter with mysterious and delightful arts inside a high tech, elaborately themed, multi-chambered wonderland, designed for visitors age 12 and older. One price included lunch or dinner, entertainment in the two theaters, and the entire Magical Empire experience. It operated continuously from early luncheon through late dinner hours.

Caesars Magical Empire

Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas

For $125 to $200 per person, you got an experience of large stage illusions, a gourmet dinner, close-up magic, underground tunnels, an invisible pianist, and dancing fire. When you went to Caesars Magical Empire, it was a 3 hour event. So you definitely got your money’s worth.

The interior of the entire complex was decorated in a combination of pseudo cave-and-classic architecture, with faux rock-work and stone, passageways and real marble floors. It closed on November 30, 2002, after which the structure was razed to make room for a large concert hall created for singer Celine Dion.

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Three Ways to Win Money in a Casino

June 16, 2017
Casino neon sign

Three ways to win money in a casino

The slot machines in the online mode allow you not only to have a fun time without leaving your house, but also to improve your financial well-being if you play for money. Every player dreams of winning money, who decided to take a chance and try his luck. The main question remains how to play for money at the casino and get a gold profit?

The first way
The first way to become rich when playing casino is to develop the right strategy. The bottom line is that: The game of machine guns should bring pleasure. Luck is unlikely to smile at someone who is dissatisfied with any factors: the interface of the game slot, its rules. You should keep your statistics and watch it. For example, the statistics of winnings are kept on the site of the casino. The higher the score, the greater the chance of a favorable outcome. If during the game process for three scrolls of the reel the winning position is not displayed, you should switch to another gaming machine. In the same way it is recommended to enter if luck on the slot machine smiled three times in a row.

The second way
The second way is training. Most players who can boast of large jackpots started playing casinos for fun. Recommended: The first time to learn gambling machines without financial investments, playing in the demo version. Do not put a large amount of money on just one machine. It is better to divide the money for 2-3 machine guns, so the chance to win increases at least 2 times. You should not train every day. Gambling machines are not a job that brings a steady and stable income. Casino, first of all, bring pleasure and additional earnings. It is important to be careful and not to drive horses. Sometimes it is better to spend more time training and get the coveted amount than to lower your “blood”.

The third way
The third way to win money is to learn how to cope with your emotions. The human factor can both have a beneficial effect on the game, and lead to a loss. For example: It is not recommended to start the game in a state of depression, aggression and alcoholic intoxication. Negative emotions do not accompany luck. Anger and an uncontrolled mind due to the effects of alcohol are frustrating. It should be understood that constant luck or a large jackpot is better to take than doubling with them the stakes at the next game. It is important to be able to stop at times, it is better to play “tomorrow” than to lose “today”. Moreover, to lose not only the jackpot, but also it’s originally invested money. It is necessary to choose your casinos to save your finances. You can find an article how to do it here: You can read reviews, communicate with real players, trust professionals, but only rely on yourself. Only you yourself can, how to win your own money, and lose. No one will return them if you are not careful.

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On This Date: June 10, 1997, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino Opened in Henderson

June 10, 2017
Sunset Station

Sunset Station opened June 10, 1997

On this date, June 10, 1997, Sunset Station hotel and casino opened after a large firework show at 9:30 pm. The property is located in Henderson, Nevada. Sunset Station is an off-strip locals casino located on Sunset Road near Interstate 515, across from the Galleria at Sunset shopping center. The hotel & casino cost $198 million and is the forth Vegas property owned by Stations Casino Inc. The company also owns and operates Palace Station, Boulder Station and Texas Station hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, as well as hotel-casinos in Kansas City and St. Charles, Mo.

The resort includes a 21-story hotel tower with 448 rooms, 13,000 sq ft of meeting space, slot machines, table games, a 13-screen movie theater, a 542-seat bingo hall, a 72-lane bowling alley open 24 hours a day, a 5,000-seat outdoor amphitheater, and nine restaurants.

Photo credit: Sunset Station’s Facebook page

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Despite a Few Water Problems, Las Vegas is Showing no Signs of Drying up

June 2, 2017
"Las Vegas sticker" (CC BY 2.0) by jericl cat

“Las Vegas sticker” (CC BY 2.0) by jericl cat

According to the Las Vegas timeline, the Entertainment Capital of the World was born in 1905. Although it didn’t get its first gaming license until 1931, it quickly grew into becoming an iconic gambling haven, renowned the world over. Now there are 40 huge casinos in the Vegas Strip area, with a total of 334 gambling houses in the state of Nevada. Visitors to the City of Lights are now topping 42 million each year, making Vegas the sixth most-visited city in America. This is impressive when you think that it is under half the size of New York (which is second in the tourism rankings) at 136 square miles to the Big Apple’s 304. Even though places like Atlantic City and Macau are vying for top spot in the gambling stakes, Vegas continues to go on strong.

Early Years

When Las Vegas was officially founded as a city in 1905, the land was auctioned off in two days. The city quickly became a railway town which serviced passing trains and passengers. The desert location was like a blank canvas, and it soon became apparent that there was bursting potential there. Despite laws banning gambling and alcohol in various different time periods, Vegas had a well-established red light district which provided these vices and carried on regardless. This area was known as Block-16. The construction of the Hoover Dam in 1931 boosted the city’s population and economy at the same time. It brought in thousands of workers to the city who helped Vegas avoid going into financial turmoil during the Great Depression. In that same year the state of Nevada also legalized gambling, opening up plenty of business opportunities for investors in the region. This rapid growth made Vegas the only American metropolitan area founded in the 20th century to reach a population of one million.

During the 1940s the now infamous Las Vegas Strip began. It started with El Rancho Vegas which was designed to be a “man-made oasis” with plenty of leisure activities such as swimming and water sports on the lake. It also had restaurants and a dancing hall, and the idea was to create a complete package that meant that visitors didn’t have to leave the hotel. This became the model for the majority of hotels that occupy the Strip today. In addition to being places to stay, they act as nightlife venues, casinos, restaurants, and places of relaxation.

Blackjack and the Home of Gambling

It didn’t take long for Vegas to establish its reputation as a gambler’s heaven. In the year that the state made gambling legal, the game we know of as blackjack today made its mark in Sin City. At that time, blackjack the popular card game was still known as 21. It was such a hit in Vegas casinos that some proprietors began to offer special odds of 10-1 on hands that combined an ace of spades with one of the black jacks (clubs or aces) to make 21. Apparently the generous rule didn’t stick around for long but the name is still with us to this day. The classic card game has remained hugely popular throughout its history, and in the 1980s it made up around 80% of the total games found in Vegas casinos. It has also gone on to inspire a number of books such as 1997’s Las Vegas Blackjack Diary, and films like 21 which was released in 2008. The rise of signature casinos on the Strip including the Last Frontier, Caesars Palace, Sands, Dunes, and The Sahara all helped to get games like blackjack, roulette, and slots to wider audiences and provide an all-in-one gambling experience which has become the norm nowadays. Superstar entertainers like Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack simply added to the glitz and glamour of the city, and helped it become the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Water Issues

Even though Las Vegas is one of the most thriving cities on Earth, with top casinos pulling in an average of $630,000 each per day, the city is not without its problems. As one might expect of a city that is surrounded by desert there are some issues concerning the water supply. According to The Telegraph since 2014, after a 14-year drought, the city is engaged in a “potentially catastrophic gamble with nature.” At the time the reservoir that supplies all the water to the city was at risk of running dry. Vegas has managed to stay strong, though, despite problems such as these throughout its history. The state of Nevada has rallied behind these water problems, and has aimed to change legislation on water-rights laws so there will be fewer issues in the future.

The rise and rise of one of the most glamorous cities in the world is a truly remarkable story, and by the looks of things, Vegas will still be one of the most famous gambling locations on the planet for many years to come.

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On This Date: May 18, 1985, Wet ‘n Wild opened on the Las Vegas Strip

May 18, 2017

Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark Las Vegas Strip 1990’s

On this Date, May 18, 1985 Wet ‘n Wild opened at the North end of the Las Vegas Strip at 2601 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas Strip Wet ‘n Wild was a 27-acre water park located on the Las Vegas Strip next to the Sahara Hotel. If featured water rides: Willy Willy, Der Stuka / Bomb Bay / Blue Niagra, Royal Flush, Suntan Lagoon, Lazy River, Dragon’s Den (former Banzai Banzai), Surf Lagoon, Kids Park, Raging Rapids, Plaza Pool (former Bubble Up), Black Hole & Whitewater Slideways and Beach Club.

The park closed in September 2004 to make way for the now defunct and never completed Fontainebleau Resort.

Editor’s Note: From personal history, my roommate was a lead lifeguard from the opening date, problems that occurred included: the Lazy River had too many pumps running causing the river to flow too fast. The water slides had ran too fast, which lead to some patrons flying over the sides and landing on the ground below. additionalprotective sides had to be added to extend the height. The concrete walkways had to be acid washed every night, due the falls on the slick surface. I spent the opening summer there hanging out with lots of staff during and after work.

Wet 'n Wild Waterpark Las Vegas Strip 1990's

Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark Las Vegas Strip 1990’s


Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark Las Vegas Strip 1990’s


Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark Las Vegas Strip 1990’s


Wet ‘n Wild Waterpark Las Vegas Strip 1990’s (Der Stuka)


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