Armagosa Sand Dunes, Nevada

July 22, 2011

GPS Position: N36o 39.00 W116o 33.83 (WGS 84)

Armagosa Sand Dunes, Nevada

Armagosa Sand Dunes, Nevada

Just a short hour and a half drive North of Las Vegas is the Armagosa Sand Dunes. Amargosa or Big Dune is a playground that covers about five square miles of dunes and dips, and its centerpiece is a peak that tops out at 500 feet. These hills, about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, are a well-kept secret and mostly used by locals, but expect to find plenty of other off-roaders on the weekends. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the entire dune system is open to all types of motorized vehicles, except for a small five acre enclosure delineated by “Carsonite” posts. In addition, there are several trails leading into the mountains southwest of the Dunes which are fun to explore.

How to get there:

At the starting point of Hwy 95 and Ann Road in Las Vegas, travel on Hwy 95 North 76 miles until the Death Vally/Armagosa Valley junction. Continue through the junction and travel 8.2 miles to Valley View Rd./Armagosa Farms Rd. Turn Left and go 1.1 miles then turn right onto a dirt road and proceed 1.3 miles until you reach the dunes.

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  1. One of the best keep secrets when it comes to dune riding, everyone goes to Dumont for the crowds. These dunes offer the same challenges if not more on the east sides of the dunes very tall and steep, right up to a razor back and just a steep going down as up. In fact you can get into some serious down hill action that will either scare you or you will come back for more. You will not be disappointed if you go. Its free and make sure what you haul in you haul out. Primitive camping, Law enforcement hardly exists, Its a good family place to ride for the beginner as well as the experience rider, it has something for everyone. A big crowd is around 200 riders on a holiday weekend. Come ride, you will like it. I travel all the way from Northern CA at least twice a year to ride these dunes. Every time I come to these dunes I go home with a smile on my face, and tell my wife another good ride!

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