Ten Wild Facts about Las Vegas which Blow Your Mind

November 14, 2017

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Las Vegas, also renowned as Sin City, is best known as the gaming capital of the world. Being home to thousands of casinos that offer a wide assortment of thrills, Las Vegas is nothing short of a party destination. The city has been used as an inspiration for most online gambling destinations and the bonuses they offer, including the Bet365 casino bonus. Even though it is well known for gambling, not many people known much about the city of Las Vegas. Here are some mind-blowing facts about this flashy city that you probably didn’t know:

1. Public drinking

Some places may allow residents to walk around with drinks in their hands including Las Vegas, but the city has some strict laws on how to go about it. You are only allowed to have an open drink in public if the place where you made the purchase permitted you to leave with it. Additionally, glass and metal containers are not allowed, and one can only use a plastic container. With a drink in hand, you cannot go within one thousand feet of learning, medical, or religious institution. These drinking regulations are only upheld within the city limits.

2. Legendary Crime Lords
It is no secret that the city was built to its current gaming status by notorious mobsters. The mobster era was especially rampant between 1905 and 1910 when the law restricted gambling. The ban did not stop gambling activities, which were being undertaken underground. During this time until the ban was lifted in 1910, law enforcement engaged them in a great war, which went down in history as among the most gruesome mobster wars of our time. Even though gambling was legalized, the lottery remained banned even to date. Efforts to overturn this ban have proved futile.

You can learn more about this war in the Mob Museum located in the same city. It is filled with artifacts that were preserved from those days, and the staff tell stories of how the Las Vegas came under the influence of some of the biggest crime lords.

3. Numerous accommodation facilities
Apart from a lot of gambling establishments, Las Vegas boasts among the highest accommodation facilities, which amount to a total of one hundred and thirty thousand hotel rooms. The MGM Grand Casino has the most accommodation rooms, amounting to five thousand of them. The number of rooms available in Las Vegas are way more than those available in the entire State of Oregon, and it would take one person about two hundred and eighty-eight years to spend a night in each of them. These accommodation establishments are almost always over ninety percent full, which goes to show that the population of Las Vegas demands such a high amount of rooms.

4.  Gambling is within the city limits only

Las Vegas is most popular for its gambling activities, with casino games being found in nearly every nook and cranny. However, gambling is only allowed within forty kilometers of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Past the twenty-five-mile limit, one will be welcomed by the quieter side of Las Vegas. This law was enacted in 1931 during the construction of the Hoover Dam. The officials overseeing the construction were worried that the workers, who lived in a town just outside the city, would take all their wages to the casino tables and slots. Even with many evolvements happening in the small town, the authorities have still maintained the restriction.

5.  MGM Casino inferno
With the numerous guests that go in and out of casino establishments in Las Vegas, installing equipment to control infernos is fundamental. However, during the establishment of brick and mortar casinos up to the 1980s, most gambling destinations did not have some of the fire safety measures that are considered crucial today. The MGM Casino fell victim to an inferno in the ground floor, which happened to be one of the two floors which lacked water sprinklers. This led to a huge fire that saw the death of eighty-five people, and six hundred and seventy-nine being injured. This incident went down as one of the worst fire cases in the United States.

6. Gambling hospitals

Even though Las Vegas is well known for the thrill of gambling, one hospital took it too far, and workers began placing wagers on when their patient would pass on. These workers were stripped of their licenses, while one nurse faced murder for apparently killing one of her patients to win a wager. There have since been strict rules on where gambling can be undertaken in the city.

7.  Prostitution is banned

Being dubbed Sin City may lead most people into believing that it allows legal prostitution. The law in Nevada states that such activities are only allowed in states that feature the inhabitants not being less than four hundred thousand people. Seeing that Las Vegas has surpassed that mark by far, the practice is banned by the state. However, this does not mean that underground rings do not conduct the business.

8.  Las Vegas was among the most racially segregated states in the 1950s

During the legalization of gambling, African-Americans were not restricted from gambling at casinos. However, in the 1950s, tourists complained about the interaction of races, which led to the banning of African-Americans from gambling and living on a certain side of town. These laws were lifted in 1960.

9. Vegas saved FedEx
The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the FedEx Company decided to dance with lady luck to save his company, which was facing bankruptcy and probable closure. He wagered the firm’s last five thousand dollars during a blackjack game. This saw him win twenty-seven thousand dollars, which helped him pay off the company’s debts.

10.  Hosts the brightest place on Earth
With about fifteen thousand miles of neon lights running through the strip, which is more than what most states have, it is no wonder the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on the globe when observed from space.

Las Vegas has much more exciting facts to it other than being the gambling capital as seen in this review.

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