How to Do a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

September 26, 2017

Women have shopping malls and children have Disney land, bachelors on the other hand have Las Vegas. Whoever designed and built the Sin City, it’s pretty apparent that he built it for the man going to tie the knot but wants to have one big last celebration before he enters a responsible life. Just look at what Las Vegas has to offer. From strip clubs, to casinos, to dance clubs to mammoth hotels, everything here is for the partying men. If you are getting married but want to have a bachelor party before you get into a life of pain and suffering, Las Vegas is the perfect place to party.

But like many men, there are certain things you should know before you head out to party with your friends. This guide will help you on how to do a bachelor party in Las Vegas that will leave a lasting memory with you.

Rent a crazy and out of this world suite
No party is complete with a mammoth sized suite in a hotel that is high above the ground. There are tons of hotels in Las Vegas that offer all sort of stuff that will give a huge kick to your party. There are rooms so huge that they come with a pool, a basketball court and even a locker room and an entertainment room with sound systems and screens.

Go and try to fly a fighter jet
This isn’t a joke. Las Vegas indeed has a place that lets you fly in a fighter jet. Head over to Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas and sit in the passenger seat while you take a tour above the city in a fighter jet. This isn’t something for the faint of the heart so make sure you are ready. But if you are ready, this is one of the craziest things you will do in your life.

Find yourself a great lap dance
No bachelor party is complete without a couple of extremely hot ladies doing sexy moves on your lap. There are tons of strip clubs in Las Vegas that range from classy joints to dodgy little corner clubs. Find yourself an exquisite club with the finest ladies and go get yourself a couple of lap dances before you head home. If you are the adventurous type, try and get yourself a private lap dance in the Sin City, you’ll thank us later.

Visit the Grand Canyon
After a crazy night of partying, playing at the casino, flying in jets and getting yourself treated to a hot lap dance, its time to sooth yourself and visit the Grand Canyon. This can be a serene experience especially after the highs of partying all day and night. Make sure to grab a tour of the Grand Canyon that come in all kinds of flavors ranging from jeep tours to helicopter tours. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your tour, you have many options.

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