On This Date: June 8, 1956 The Silver Palace Casino opened in Downtown Las Vegas

June 8, 2017
Silver Palace

Silver Palace on Fremont and 1st Street

On this date: June 8, 1956 the Silver Palace Casino opened in Downtown Las Vegas.
The casino and restaurant was a new concept in Las Vegas.

It was the first two level club in Las Vegas with an escalator connecting the casino with the lower level restaurant.

When it opened, it was one of the larger clubs in Las Vegas, with 16,700 square feet of floor space on the two levels, the casino was designed for 200 slot machines, three dice tables, five 21 tables, one roulette wheel and Keno. On the outside, over 1,000 feet of neon tubes lit the First Street side of the club and more than 3,000 light bulbs cast the Silver Palace sign in bright splendor along Fremont.

The Silver Palace was designed Lee Linton, in the style of French contemporary artist Henri Matisse, The Silver Palace closed in 1964. After the Silver Palace closed, a long chain of opening and closings, which include the following: Carousel, Gamblers Hall of Fame, Sundance West, Sassy Sally’s and now Mermaids.

Photo credit: Steve Wagar

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