When Was Las Vegas Founded?

March 16, 2017
Las Vegas Map 1905

Las Vegas Land Map 1905

When was Las Vegas Founded? Most people regard the founding of Las Vegas as May 15, 1905 with the auction/land sale of the land in the current downtown Las Vegas as our community’s birthday and this fact is not disputed anywhere. As for the date that Las Vegas became an incorporated town, now that is up for debate. A lot of websites on internet  set the date as March 16, 1911, but what happen on that date was that the then governor Tasker Oddie signed the legislation that would put it up to a vote.

“the qualified voters of the precinct of Las Vegas shall vote on the question (of) whether they shall accept the charge and be incorporated as a city, pursuant to the provisions as herein set forth.” – Tasker Oddie 

On June 1, 1911, the voters went to the polls to incorporate the township of Las Vegas. The results were 168 were in favor of incorporation and 57 opposed. The front page of the Las Vegas Age of June 3, 1911 pointed out the winning margin was 3 to 1.

When is the Birth Date of Las Vegas?

Some people point to the date of May 15, 1905 – Auction Date.

Some choose March 16, 1911 – Date of the the Governor signed legislation to put it on the ballot.

Some choose June 1, 1911 – This was the actual date that the voter went to the polls.

Source: Desert Companion

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