On This Date August 7, 1966 – Performer “Charo” Weds in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

August 7, 2017
Charo, age 20, Weds Xavier Cugat, age 60, in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

Charo, age 20, Weds  in Las Vegas

On this date: August 7, 1966 – Latin music king Xavier Cugat, age 60, and singer Charo, age 20, were the first couple to exchange vows at Caesars Palace. Cugat discovered Charo — whose birth name is María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, while performing in Spain in a production of “Night of the Iguana.” She went on to bring a little “Coochie, coochie” into the lives of millions.

There’s been much speculation over the entertainer’s birth year. Official documents from Spain say she was born in 1941. Later on, she claimed she was born in 1947, then 1949. In 1977, following the divorce from her first husband, Charo claimed the age on her passport was wrong and she was actually born in 1951. A U.S. judge supported her claim.

Photo by: Las Vegas News Bureau


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  1. Amy Andersen wrote:

    I am trying to find out when The Alpine Village closed in Las Vegas?

  2. HamForDinner wrote:

    So, according to her birthdate of 1951 Charo married this guy at age 15? She looks terrible for a teenager. I thinks me smells some POOchie POOchie in the cuchie cuchie.

  3. Vegas Info wrote:

    some sources report her birth date as March 13, 1941

  4. How can Charo be 20 years old, in 1966, if she wasn’t born until 1951? With all due respect, somebody can’t count/can’t keep up with their lies!LOL!

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