White Rock Loop- Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

January 8, 2013

White Rock Loop Trail at Red Rock Canyon

Duration: 3-3.5 hrs

Length: 6.3 miles

This 6.3 mile hike at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada is a great fall/winter/spring hike. Located on the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop, the White Rock Loop trail is a great way to spend 3-4 hours. You will experience diverse terrain and plant life.  For much of the hike, you’re in the typical Mojave Desert surroundings.  When you get to the back side of White Rock Mountain, it’s like Red Rock Canyon’s hidden forest.  That side is wetter and there are a large number of pinyon pines, juniper trees, and desert plants such as yucca and cactus of various types.  It has a little of everything.

White Rock at Red Rock Canyon

White Rock Loop Trail

Up in the higher parts of the hike with the Pinion trees

I recommend starting at the Willow Springs picnic grounds- there are restrooms and parking and heading uphill going clockwise around the mountain.  Once at the saddle, most of the hike is downhill from there. You will have about a 1000 ft. elevation change with this hike and expect 3-3.5 hours to complete the loop. I don’t recommend this hike during the hot summer hours, if you are going to hike during the summer, make it a early morning hike as for it can get quite hot on the return portion.

Wear sturdy shoes, bring water and a little food for this hike.

Coming down the backside with Las Vegas in the background

Directions: Take Charleston West to the entrance to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Enter the through the fee area and follow the Red Rock Loop. The turn off (right-turn) is about 1/2 through the loop at the Willow Springs Picnic Area. Start your Hike there.

Happy hiking.

Photos by Lasvegas360.com



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