Food Truck: Tasty Bunz

August 28, 2011

Saturday night at the Opportunity Village charity event, OV Nation, I was able to catch up with the Tasty Bunz food truck to sample some of their eatz.  Tasty Bunz is a gourmet food truck specializing in soft-dough buns that are filled with different kinds of meat. It is kind of a cross between Chinese dim sum and a Hot Pocket.  They also had sliders, fries, tots and dessert items on the menu.

One of the things I liked right away when getting my order was the nice “to go” box that my meal came in. It looks like a chinese take out box but wider.  Since eating at a few different food trucks in the past, I have learned that finding a place to eat your food is one of the major challenges. You usually end up sitting on a curb or squeezing in on a small cocktail round (if you are lucky). Your food comes in a bag and you have to balance your meal on your lap, sometimes in the wind or rain. The Tasty Bunz box provided a safe place to keep my food warm and it serves as a plate to eat from, which made eating it much easier.

In the Tasty Bunz box I had one of the bunz called the “Fist Pump”.  This was a soft sun- dried tomato dough with a chicken pesto filling. It had great flavor with big chucks of chicken. I also tried the “Wild West Slider” (beef patty, cheese, bacon, tempura onion & sweet-n-spicy BBQ sauce).  This was one of the best sliders I have had. For a small slider, this sandwich had a lot to offer. First, the bacon was sliced thin, but piled up high, it gave the slider a nice smoky bacon flavor which was great with the cheddar cheese and sweet BBQ sauce. But what made it stand out were the big chunks of tempura encrusted onions.  This made the meal for me. It gave it a good crunch along with the bacon. The flavors worked very well together. For a food truck whose specialty is not a slider item this was very good (watch out slider trucks). The meal was topped off with an ice cold Arizona tea. I look forward to seeing this truck out and about in Las Vegas. Give them a try next time you see the trucks out and about.

Tasty Bunz Truck

Tasty Bunz Truck

TastyBunz Tasty Bunz - food box

Tasty Bunz Box - it is nice to have a box to use as a plate

Tasty Bunz Treats

Tasty Bunz Treats - Wild West Slider and a Sun dried tomato dough with a chicken pesto filling


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  1. Michael Russell wrote:

    I am very interested in learning more about Tasty Bunz and the technical aspects of starting a business like it on a Caribbean island where I have been living for many years.
    The food is obviously unique and in my opinion would lend itself well to the local taste buds on the island.
    How can I learn more about this business and where to purchase and outfit a truck?
    Thank you…

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